Author typesetting requirements

JHS is growing – we've had far more submissions over the past twelve months than ever before! But this growth brings challenges. In particular, JHS has always been run on a shoestring, with the editors shouldering most of the burden of copy-editing and typesetting. We're committed not to charging Article Processing Charges (APCs): JHS will remain a platinum Open Access journal, with no fees for authors or readers. But at the same time we can't continue to operate in a way that takes up such a huge amount of the editors' time. For all articles and squibs submitted from 1st September 2020 onwards, we've therefore decided to require authors to submit the post-review version of their accepted manuscripts in LaTeX, using the JHS submission template. For the case that you as author are not willing or able to use our LaTeX template, we'll be recommending typesetters who are familiar with us and the template, and who will be able to typeset your manuscript in LaTeX for reasonable rates before you send it to us. This is not a decision we take lightly, and we hope you understand our reasons for doing so. We're a small journal without a big publisher or a library consortium behind us, and we want to stay free for everyone to read and publish in, without compromising on quality.